Tuesday, 8 December 2009

About Inside The Artist's Studio

Inside the Artist’s studio was set up for a number of reasons. The first, most important reason was because of my love of really great art and the need to share that by showcasing some of today’s best and most talented artists.
Being an artist myself, I am very passionate about art, illustration and design, and I really enjoy talking about it. I especially love talking to other artists about it. With this blog, I will be interviewing artists and illustrators I really admire and I will be asking questions that they don’t normally get asked. I have found that with interviews I read online and in magazines, a lot of the information is similar and the questions asked tend to be of the same nature.

With my blog, I have three different sets of questions. The first is always very specific to the artist being interviewed and, in line with my aim to be different, I will spend a great deal of time researching them to make sure the questions I ask, can’t be found anywhere else. The next set is a group of questions that every artist will get asked because these are general questions that every artist needs to be asked. The final set isn’t even about art really. This is where a handful of questions are selected at random from a very large list that is designed to show a different side of the interviewee. These are more aimed at being fun and are there for the entertainment value.

Not only will I post interviews, I will post up features, articles I have written and art book reviews. I don’t want this to be a one track blog and aim to diversify the content as best as I can.

If you know of anyone who should be interviewed, featured or have a book or any art related product you would like to get reviewed, get in contact and we will set something up.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed working on it.

Lloyd Harvey

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  1. I find it amazing of some chosen words being said that I find even more inspiration by John for holding the highest up most respect for my personal favorite illustrator thank u John for the interview I feel an artattack coming on off to the studio



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